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  • The words in this glossary have been placed in their base form. If the base form is not used in the texts, the form presented is placed in parenthesis.
  • Many adjectives are participle forms of verbs. These words are listed in the same way they appear in the text.
  • Some of the words have multiple meanings. However, only the meaning corresponding to the text is listed. In order to help your students gain a better understanding of the words, you might want to teach all of the meanings and forms.

1-A Pottery and Baskets c. 1100 to c. 1960

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Exemplify (Exemplifies)verb (trans.), to be a common example of something.
Cylindricaladjective, geometric form with straight sides and an oval or round top.
Convergeverb (intrans.), to meet, to come together from different sides.
Flourish (Flourished)verb (intrans.), to grow in a healthy and productive manner.
Dominate (Dominated)verb (trans.), to have control over, to influence.
Asymmetrynoun, a lack of symmetry or equality between parts.
Bulgenoun, a bump or swelling that raises a flat surface
Squirm (Squirming)verb (intrans.), to wiggle the body out of discomfort or nervousness
Crookedadjective, bent or twisted
Durableadjective, strong, able to withstand pressure or damage.
Derive (Derived)verb (trans.), to obtain, to be based on something, or to be a modification of something, to have an origin
Inspirationnoun, stimulation to do something creative
“Drew inspiration”—to find creative stimulation from something
Revivalnoun, something that becomes popular or important again, a new production of a work of art
“Spark a revival”—to cause something to become popular and important again
Interaction (Interactions)noun, an action that occurs between two people
Refinedadjective, elegant and simple
Girdlenoun, something likes a belt that surrounds an object
Resurgenceadjective, coming back to life or becoming popular after a period of inactivity
Utilitarian adjective, designed for practical use
Abandonedadjective, something that is empty or unused
Upheaval (Upheavals)noun, a violent or sudden change
Premiumnoun, excellent quality
Marshyadjective, low laying area that gets flooded and then stays wet
Resilient—adjective, able to recover from difficult conditions
Pliableadjective, easy to bend, flexible
Enrich (Enriched)verb (trans.), to improve the quality
Elongateverb (trans.), to make something longer

1-B Mission Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion, 1755

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Dazzle (Dazzled)verb (trans.), to amaze with an impressive quality
Glisten (Glistening)—verb (intrans.), something that shines or glitters
Convert—verb (trans.), to change one’s religious faith or beliefs
Coerce (Coerced)—verb (trans.), to do something by force or threats
Precarious—adjective, unstable, not securely held
Sedentary—adjective, staying in one place, not moving
Fictive—adjective, created through the imagination
Fragment (Fragments)—noun, small parts broken off of a larger piece
Enliven (Enlivened)—verb (trans.), to make something more interesting or attractive

2-A John Singleton Copley, Paul Revere, 1768

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Prudently—adverb, doing something carefully or cautiously
“To play an instrumental role”—to play an important part in something
Unequivocal— adjective, leaving no doubt, clear
Transcend—verb (trans.), to go beyond
Poised—verb (trans.), to be ready or in position to do something
Mahogany—noun, a reddish, brown hard wood

2-B Sliver of the 18th, 19th & 20th Centuries

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Etiquette—noun, customary behavior in polite society
Commemorate (Commemorating)—verb (trans.), to show respect for someone or something in a ceremony
Infuse (Infusing)—verb (trans.), to fill
Curvaceous—adjective, to have a curved shape
Garlands—noun, a flower decoration
Swags—noun, floral ornamentation
Entrepreneur—noun, a person who starts his/her own business
Riveted—verb (trans.), to join metals together
Dregs—noun, liquid and sediment left in the bottom of a container
Delicately—adverb, very fine workmanship
Inlay (Inlaid)—verb (trans.), to insert a different type of material in to a surface for decorative purposes
Precious—adjective, something of great value
Aspire (Aspired)—verb (intrans.), to try to reach a goal
Transparent—adjective, allowing light to pass through something

3-A Grant Wood, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, 1931

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Captivate (Captivated)—verb (trans.), to grab one’s attention and hold one’s interest
Enchant (Enchanted)—verb (trans.), to delight or charm
Impend (Impending)—verb (intrans.), something about to happen
Emulate (Emulated)—verb (trans.), to copy
Unpretentious—adjective, simple, modest, not trying to show off
(Preternatural) Preternaturally—adverb, beyond what is natural and normal
Evoke verb (trans.) (Evocation)—noun, to recall or bring about
Luster—adjective, glory or distinction

3-B Gilbert Stuart, George Washington, 1796

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Prominent—adjective, famous, important
Conceive—verb (trans.), to create a mental image or representation
Innate—adjective, inborn, natural
Hefty—adjective, large, heavy
Emblazon (Emblazoned)—verb (trans.), displayed prominently
Allegorical—adjective, a story that contains hidden meaning

 4-A Emanuel Leutze, Washington Crossing the Delaware, 1851

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Treacherous—adjective, dangerous
Prow—noun, the ship’s bow (front part)
Sober (Sobering)—adjective, serious
Dwindle (Dwindling)—verb (intrans.), decreasing in amount
Meticulous—adjective (Meticulously)—adverb, showing a great attention to detail
Jitter—noun, (Jittery)—adjective, a nervous feeling
Reinvigorate (Reinvigorating)—verb, to get new strength or energy
Stupendous—adjective, extremely wonderful or impressive
Eulogize (Eulogizing)—verb (trans.), to praise someone either in writing in orally

4-B Hiram Powers, Benjamin Franklin, 1862

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Initiate (Initiated)—verb (trans.), to begin
Titillate (Titillated)—verb (trans.), to excite or stimulate
Lucrativeadjective, profitable
Paradoxical—adjective (Paradoxically)—adverb, self-contradictory or absurd
Crease—verb (trans.), to fold, to wrinkle
Contemplative—adjective, to involve in deep thought
Pensive—adjective, deep, serious thought, thoughtful

5-A Thomas Cole, View from Mount Holyoke (The Oxbow), 1836

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Margin—noun, the edge or border
Verdure—noun, lush, green vegetation
Pastoral—adjective, land for sheep or cattle to graze on
Emblem—noun, a symbolic representation
Ominous—adjective, something unpleasant that might happen
Sacrilege—noun, violation of something that is sacred
Exploit—verb (Exploitation)—noun, making full use of, benefit

5-B N.C. Wyeth, Cover Illustration for The Last of the Mohicans, 1919

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Fixture—noun, a person or thing that is well established
Protagonist—noun, the leading character in a drama
Peril (Perils)—noun, dangerous
Tramp (Tramped)—verb (intrans.), to walk heavily, noisily
Tranquility—noun, calm and quiet
Evoke—verb (trans.), to bring about or recall
“Poetic license”—noun, departing from language or artistic conventions to create an artistic effect
Unrestrained—adjective, not constrained
Untamed—adjective, wild, not domesticated

6-A John James Audubon, American Flamingo, 1838

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Monumental—adjective, very important, great, or large
Invaluable—adjective, extremely useful
Depict (Depicting)—verb (trans.), to represent in drawing, painting or other art forms
Ornithologist—noun, person who studies birds
Plumage—noun, birds’ feathers
Spindly—adjective, thin, long and tall
Serpentine—adjective, twisting like a snake
Boomerang—noun, a flat piece of wood that is curved and used for throwing

6-B George Catlin, Catlin Painting the Portrait of Mah-to-toh-pa—Mandan,

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Renown—noun, well know, famous
Indigenous—adjective, native to a particular place
Encroachment—noun, intrusion on one’s territory
Nostalgia—noun, wistful longing for the past
Extinction—noun, a disappearance of a family, group, or species that disappears
Aghast—adjective, filled with horror or shock
Eloquent—adjective, clear or persuasive speech or text

7-A State Capitol, Columbus, Ohio, 1838—1861

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Fruition—noun, a project or plan that is fulfilled
Destitute—adjective, lacking the basic needs for life
Plague (Plagued)—verb, to cause trouble or distress
Pretension (Pretensions)—noun, aspiration to claim a type of status
Consolation—noun, comfort given to someone in distress
Stagnant—adjective, no activity
Eccentric—adjective, unconventional or strange behavior

7-B George Caleb Bingham, The County Election, 1852

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Raucous—adjective, making a loud, disruptive noise
Enactment—noun, the process of acting something out
Social stratum—noun, a level to which people are assigned based on income and education
Cluster (Clusters)—noun, a group of objects placed together
Sprawl (Sprawled)—verb (intrans.), to spread out over a large area
Ominous—adjective (Ominously)—adverb, impression that something bad will happen

8-A Albert Bierstadt, Looking Down Yosemite Valley, California, 1865

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Surpass (Surpassed)—verb (trans.), to exceed, to go beyond
Grandeur—noun, splendor or impressiveness
Panorama—noun (Panoramic)—adjective, a complete view of an entire area
Preservationist—noun, someone who tries to save nature or ancient buildings and artifacts

8-B Black Hawk, “Sans Arc Lakota” Ledger Book, 1880—1881

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Nomad—noun (Nomadic)—adjective, a person or people who do not have a stable or constant home, instead they travel from place to place
Oral renditions—noun, oral interpretation of historical events
Superimpose (Superimposed)—verb (trans.), to place one thing over another so you can see both images
Tuft—noun, a bunch of hair held together
Augment (Augmented)—adjective, to make greater or longer
Precious—adjective, something of great value
Tier (Tiers)—noun, rows or layers

9-A Winslow Homer, The Veteran in a New Field, 1865

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Disband (Disbanded—verb (trans.), cause a group to break up
Ordeal—noun, a long painful or scary experience
Bountiful—adjective, a great amount, abundant
Consciousness—noun, awareness
Archaic—adjective, very old or old fashion
Personification—noun, giving something nonhuman, human like characteristics
Desolation—noun, a state of emptiness and destruction

9-B Alexander Gardner, Abraham Lincoln, February 5, 1865

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Circulate (Circulated)—verb (intrans.), to spread or distribute from place to place
Burden—noun, a heavy load, a duty that causing hardship
Distinguished—adjective, successful, commanding respect
Exalted—adjective, noble
Askew—adjective, not straight or level
Haggard—adjective, looking tried or unwell from worry
Cadaverous—adjective, looking like a corpse—pale and bony
Aura—noun, a distinctive atmosphere created by a person or place

10-A Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Robert Shaw Memorial, 1884-1897

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Monumental—adjective, great importance, large in size
Envision (Envisioned)—verb (trans.) to imagine a future possibility
Pretentious—adjective, to try to impress by talent, importance, or culture
Grueling—adjective, tiring and demanding
Audacious—adjective, taking bold risks
Crest (Crested)—verb (trans.), to reach the top of something
Rally (Rallied)—verb (intrans.), to bring together to support a person or cause
Surmise (Surmised)—verb, to think something is true without confirmation
Resolute—adjective, determined
Stoic—noun, a person that can handle hardships without displaying their emotions
Disheveled—adjective, disordered, untidy

10-B Quilts: 19th through 20th Centuries

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Leisure—noun, free time
Motifs (Motifs)—noun, decorative designs
Applique—noun (Appliqued)—verb (trans.), to create ornamental needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn on fabric to form pictures
Luxury—noun, extravagant living, something that is expensive
Asymmetry—noun, lack of balance between parts
Reversible—adjective, something that can be worn or used on both sides
Tremor—noun, involuntary movement
Reminiscent—adjective, to remind one of something
Grandeur—noun, splendor or impressiveness

11-A Thomas Eakins, John Biglin in a Single Scull, c. 1873

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Vanguard—noun, a group of people who are leaders in creating new ideas
Exclusive—adjective, restricted or limited to one group
Recreation—noun, something done for enjoyment
Elongated—adjective, unusually long
Counteract (Counteracts)—verb (trans.), to act against something to change it
Spontaneous—adjective (Spontaneity)—noun, something done impulsively without planning

11-B James McNeil Whistler, The Peacock Room, 1876-1877

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Progressive—adjective, innovative, ahead of one’s time
Expatriate—noun, someone who lives outside his or her own country
Mantelpiece—noun, a structure of wood or marble that surrounds a fireplace
Latticework—noun, strips of wood or metal that are interlaced to form a decorative pattern
Shimmer (Shimmers)—verb (intrans.), shine with a soft light
Iridescent—adjective, showing colors that change when seen from different places
Quarrel (Quarreled)—verb (intrans.), to argue or disagreement
Posterity—noun, future generations of people

12-A John Singer Sargent, Portrait of a Boy, 1890

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Enthusiasticadjective, showing intense interest or excitement
Usher (Ushered)verb (trans.), to show or lead someone somewhere
Dismiss (Dismissing)verb (trans.), to send away, to refuse to consider seriously, to stop thinking about something, to remove from employment
Bravuranoun, excellent technical skills demonstrated in a performance or
Ingenuitynoun, being clever or inventive
Synonymousadjective, having the same meaning or a close meaning to another word
Conceived (Conceived)verb (trans.), to form a plan or idea in one’s mind; to imagine

12-B Childe Hassam, Allies Day, May 1917, 1917

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Festoon (Festooned)—verb (trans.), to decorate with garlands or ribbons
Bedeck (Bedecked)—verb (trans.), to decorate
Pageantry—noun, elaborate ceremony
Transcend—verb (trans.), to go beyond something
Meticulous—adjective (Meticulously)adverb, showing a great attention to detail
Foliage—noun, plant, leaves
Flurry—noun, moving in a quick, agitated way
Pinnacle—noun, the high point, the top
Ecclesiastic—noun, a priest or clergyman
Armistice—noun, an agreement between warring parties to stop fighting

13-A Walker Evans, Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 1929

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Suspension—noun, a bridge that is supported by cables
Borough (Boroughs)—noun, a town or district
Harry—verb (trans.) (Harried)—adjective, busy or harassed
Aspire—verb (intrans.) (Aspiring)—adjective, one who has hopes for achieving something
Lyricism—noun, artistic expression of emotions
Endeavor (Endeavored)—verb (intrans.), to work hard to accomplish something
Habitual—adjective (Habitually)—adjective, something done constantly as a habit
Emblem—noun, a symbolic representation
Disorient (Disorienting)—verb (trans.), to cause someone to lose his/her sense of direction
Detached—adjective, separate

13-B Louis Comfort Tiffany, Autumn Landscape—The River of Life, 1923-1924

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Virtually—adjective, almost, nearly
Revival—noun, something that becomes popular or important again, a new production of a work of art
Secular—adjective, not related to any religion
Luminous—adjective, shedding bright light
Cascade (Cascades)—verb (intrans.), pouring downward (water)
Placid—adjective, calm, not easily upset
Enamel (Enameled)—noun, an opaque substance that is applied to metal and wood for protection

14-A Mary Cassatt, The Boating Party, 1893/1894

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Defy (Defying)verb (trans.), to resist or disobey, to do or say something
Abandon (Abandoning)verb (trans.), to give up, to desert, to leave,
Fleetingadjective, lasting for--r a very short time
Saturatedadjective, holding a large amount of water, soaked; (of color) extremely bright—no mixture of white
Equilibriumnoun, a situation where opposing forces are balanced; a peaceful state of mind
Renditionnoun, a visual reproduction; a performance or interpretation--a
Invariablyadverb, on all occasions, always

14-B Joseph Stella, Brooklyn Bridge, c. 1919-1920

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Unprecedented—adjective, never done before, new
Prevail (Prevailed)—verb (intrans.), to be widespread
Convert (Converted)—verb (trans.), to change one’s religious faith or beliefs
Tumult—noun, disorder or confusion, or loud noise
Perpetual—adjective, happening repeatedly
Thrusting—noun, pushing violently
Atonal—adjective (Atonality)—noun, not written in any specific key
Claustrophobia—noun, a fear of closed or confined spaces
Impenetrable—adjective (Impenetrability)—noun, impossible to enter or pass through
Pungent—adjective, having a sharp smell or taste

15-A Charles Sheeler, American Landscape, 1930

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Austere—adjective, plain and simple appearance
Uncouple (Uncoupled)—verb (trans.), disconnected
Calculated—adjective, something done with awareness
Coin (Coined)—verb (trans.), to invent a new phrase or term
Gauge (Gauges)—verb (trans.), to measure to ascertain
Propel (Propelled)—verb (trans.), to cause to move in a certain direction
Preeminence—noun, leading and surpassing all others
Marvel—verb (intrans.) (Marvel)—noun, a wonderful or astonishing person or thing
Innovation—noun, creation of something new
Awe-inspiring—adjective, impressive or astonishing

15-B William Van Alen, The Chrysler Building, 1926-1930

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Astounding—adjective, surprising or impressive
Flamboyant—adjective, exuberance, in architecture ornate decoration
Streamlined—adjective, a sleek shape that presents little resistance to air, water, or speed
Cladding—noun, covering of a structure
Marquetry—noun, inlaid work with colored materials
Mania—noun, great excitement or obsession
Surpass (Surpassed)—verb (trans.), to exceed or become better than something or someone

16-A Edward Hooper, House by the Railroad, 1925

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Alienation—noun, isolation from a group
Anecdotal—adjective, based on personal stories or accounts
Unsentimental—adjective, not showing feelings or tenderness or nostalgia
Agrarian—adjective, related to cultivated land
Clumsy—adjective, awkward in movement
Rattle (Rattled)—verb (intrans.), to shake or move
Consequence (Consequences)—noun, a result of a specific action

16-B Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater, 1935-1939

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Perennial—adjective, lasting or existing for a long period of time
Intrude (Intruding)—verb (intrans.), to enter a place without invitation or rights
Infinite—adjective, limitless, of great size or extent
Restorative—adjective, something that rebuilds or returns something to health or wellness
Nestle (Nestled)—verb (intrans.), to lie comfortably near something or someone
Cascade (Cascading)—verb (intrans.), pouring downward (water)
Audacious—adjective, bold or courageous
Recess (Recessed)—noun, rooms that are set back from the rest, in back of
Unspoiled—adjective, not destroyed by development
Alteration—noun, being changed

17-A Jacob Lawrence, The Migration Series, no. 57, 1940-1941

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Laundress—noun, a woman who washes clothes
Fundamentally—adverb, centrally, primarily
Repository—noun, a person who holds information
Hue—noun, a color or shade
Enliven (Enlivened)—verb (trans.), to make something more interesting or engaging
Evocative—adjective, bringing strong feelings or memories to mind
Vat—noun, a large tank to hold water
“Rave reviews”—high praise

17-B Romare Bearden, The Dove, 1964

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Unobtrusive—adjective (Unobtrusively)—adjective, not attracting attention
Inhabitant—noun, a person who lives someone
Glimpse—verb (trans.), to partly see someone or something
Segregation—noun, enforced separation of racial groups

18-A Thomas Hart Benton, The Sources Of Country Music, 1975

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Scorn (Scorned)—verb (trans.), to express contempt for something or someone
Intelligible—adjective, understandable
Strum (Strums)—verb (trans.), to play on a string instrument
Pulsate—verb (intrans.), to expand and contract in a regular movement
Inevitable—adjective (Inevitability)—noun, something this is unavoidable
Homogenize—verb (trans.) (Homogenization)—noun, something uniform and the same

18-B Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother, 1936

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Endure (Endured)—verb (trans.), to suffer and then overcome
Devastate (Devastated)—verb (trans.), to destroy
Careworn—adjective, tired because of hardship and worry
Unkempt—adjective, disordered appearance
Squalid—adjective, dirty and unpleasant place
Oblivious—adjective, not aware of one’s surroundings
Destitute—adjective, lacking the needed elements of life
Unconscionable—adjective, unreasonable, unfair

19-A Norman Rockwell, Freedom of Speech, The Saturday Evening Post, 1943

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Affable—adjective, friendly and social able
Gangly—adjective, awkward
Heir—noun, a person who is entitled to property or status when someone dies
Disseminate (Disseminated)—verb (trans.), to spread something
Uncontested—adjective, not disputed
Apex—noun, the highest point
Exude (Exudes)—verb (trans.), to spill out slowly
Fragment—noun (Fragmented)—noun, a small broken part of something
Galvanize—verb (trans.), to shock or excite someone into doing something

19-B James Karales, Selma-to-Montgomery March for Voting Rights in 1965, 1965

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Legislation—noun, laws
Clergy—noun, people perform religious duties
Tense—adjective, nervous or anxious
Resolute—adjective (Resolutely)—adverb, determined manner
Defiance—noun, open resistance
Assault (Assaulted)—verb (trans.), to make a physical attack
Battered—adjective, injured by an attach
Turbulent—adjective, caused by confusion, disorder, chaos

20-A Richard Diebenkorn, Cityscape 1, 1963
Pages 86-87

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Deride (Derided)—verb (trans.) to express contempt
Avid—adjective (Avidly)—adverb, extreme interest in something
Didactic—adjective, designed to teach
Compel (Compels)—verb (trans.), to force someone to do something
Abrupt—adjective (Abruptly)—adverb, unexpectedly
Apex—noun, the highest point
Momentarily—adverb, for a short time
Parcels—noun, an amount of something

20-B Martin Puryear, Ladder for Booker T. Washington, 1966

Words are listed in the order in which they appear in the text
Evocative—adjective, bringing about strong memories
Hone (Honed)—verb (trans.), to sharpen
Sinuous—adjective, to have curves
Dizzy (Dizzying)—adjective, spinning around and losing one’s balance
Revere (Revered)—verb (trans.), deep admiration
Subservient—adjective, to be willing to obey someone
Contentious—adjective, likely to have an argument

Index of Words

Word                         Artwork Number(s)         
Abandoned               1A, 14A                                
Abrupt                     20A                                       
Affable                    19A                                       
Aghast                     6B                             
Agrarian                   16A                                   
Allegorical                3B        
Alteration                 16B                                  
Anecdotal                 16A                      
Apex                        19A, 20A                    
Applique                   10B             
Archaic                     9A               
Armistice                  12B                       
Askew                      9B                            
Aspire                       2B, 13A                    
Assault                      19B                   
Astounding                15B                 
Asymmetry                1A, 10B               
Atonal                        14B                  
Audacious                 10A, 16B                 
Augment                    8B                   
Aura                          9B               
Austere                      15A                     
Avid                           20A             
Awe-inspiring             15A                      

Battered                    19A          
Bedeck                      12B                         
Boomerang               6A                            
Borough                    13A                          
Bountiful                   9A                           
Bravura                     12A            
Bulge                         1A                 
Burden                      9B                   

Cadaverous               9B          
Calculated                15A             
Captivate                  3A                   
Careworn                 18B                 
Cascade                   13B, 16B           
Circulate                  9B                        
Cladding                  15B                           
Claustrophobia         14B                
Clergy                     19B                 
Clumsy                    16A                
Cluster                     7B                    
Coerce                     1B                    
Coin                         15A                 
Commemorate          2B                    
Compel                    20A                    
Conceive                  3B, 12A                
Consciousness          9A            
Consequence            16A                
Consolation               7A              
Contemplative           4B                
Contentious              20B          
Converge                  1A                    
Convert                     1B, 14B                
Counteract                11A                        
Crease                      4B                
Crest                        10A                          
Crooked                    1A                           
Curvaceous               2B                              
Cylindrical                 1A                        

“Drew Inspiration”     1A                          
Dazzle                       1B                     
Defiance                    19B                       
Defy                         14A                         
Delicately                  2B                                 
Depict                       6A                           
Deride                       20A                
Desolation                 9A                             
Destitute                   7A, 18B                        
Detached                  13A                          
Devastate                  18B                         
Didactic                    20A                  
Disband                    9A                     
Disheveled                10A                
Dismiss                    12A              
Disorient                   13A              
Disseminate              19A                     
Distinguished             9B                  
Dizzy                        20B                      
Dominate                   1A                         
Dregs                        2B                       
Durable                     1A                          
Dwindle                     4A                           

Eccentric                  7A   
Ecclesiastic              12B                      
Eloquent                   6B                                         
Emblazon                 3B                                         
Emblem                   5A, 13A                          
Emulate                    3A                              
Enactment                7B                              
Enamel                    13B                            
Enchant                   3A                          
Encroachment          6B                           
Endeavor                 13A                         
Endure                    18B                         
Enliven                    2B                              
Elongate                  1A, 11A                  
Enrich                     1A                           
Enthusiastic             12A                          
Entrepreneur            2B                      
Envision                  10A                         
Equilibrium              14A                           
Etiquette                  2B                                 
Eulogize                  4A                             
Evocative                17A, 20B                   
Evoke                     3A, 5B                          
Exalted                    9B                                 
Exclusive                11A                           
Exemplify               1A                      
Expatriate               11B                             
Exploit                    5A                       
Extinction               6B                          
Exude                     9A                           

Festoon                   12B                     
Fictive                     1B                      
Fixture                     5B                     
Flamboyant              15B                   
Fleeting                    14A                    
Flourish                   1A                       
Flurry                      12B                   
Foliage                     12B                         
Fragment                 1B, 19A                  
Fruition                    7A                           
Fundamentally          17A                         

Galvanize                   19A                          
Gangly                      19A                  
Garlands                    2B                                
Gauge                       15A                            
Girdle                       1A                               
Glimpse                    17B                                  
Glisten                      1B                          
Grandeur                   8A, 10B                               
Grueling                    10A                               

Habitual                    13A                            
Haggard                    9B                             
Harry                       13A                              
Hefty                        3B                               
Heir                          19A                           
Homogenize              18A                             
Hone                        20B                      
Hue                          17A                        

Impend                     3A                          
Impenetrable             14B                     
Indigenous                6B                               
Inevitable                  18A                              
Infinite                     16B                                
Infuse                      2B                            
Ingenuity                  12A                                  
Initiate                     4B                                
Inhabitant                 17B                          
Inlay                        2B                            
Innate                      3B                           
Innovation                15A                            
Inspiration                1A                            
Intelligible                 18A                                 
Interaction                1A                               
Intrude                     16B                        
Invaluable                 6A                                      
Invariably                 14A                                  
Iridescent                 11B                                

Jitter                           4A                             

Latticework               11B                          
Laundress                 17A                           
Legislation                 19B                           
Leisure                      10B                            
Lucrative                   4B                           
Luminous                  13B                              
Luster                       3A                           
Luxury                      10B                           

Mahogany                 2A                    
Mania                       15B                  
Mantelpieces             11B                          
Margin                     5A                      
Marquetry                 15B                      
Marshy                     1A                           
Marvel                      15A           
Meticulous                4A, 12B                     
Momentarily              20A                            
Monumental              6A, 10A                       
Motifs                      10B                            

Nestle                       16B                         
Nomad                      8B                           
Nostalgia                   6B                             

Oblivious                 18B                       
Ominous                  5A, 7B                    
Oral Renditions         8B                            
Ordeal                     9A                   
Ornithologist            6A                                               

“Poetic License”        5B                              
Pageantry                  12B                           
Panorama                  8A                              
Paradoxical               4B                         
Parcels                     20A                     
Pastoral                    5B                         
Pensive                     4B                        
Perennial                  16B                       
Peril                         5B                     
Perpetual                  14B                   
Pinnacle                   12B                     
Placid                      13B                  
Plague                     7A             
Pliable                      1A                
Plumage                   6A                            
Poised                      2A                
Posterity                  11B                        
Precarious                1B                             
Precious                   2B, 8B                       
Preeminence             15A                        
Premium                  1A                       
Preservationist         8A                          
Personification         9A                          
Pretension               7A                         
Pretentious              10A                        
Preternatural            3A              
Prevail                     14B                        
Progressive              11B                            
Prominent                3B                           
Propel                      15A                 
Protagonist               5B                                    
Prow                       4A                                     
Prudently                 2A                                       
Pulsate                    18A                               
Pungent                   14B                               

Quarrel                      11B                         

“Rave reviews”         17A                                
Rally                        10A                                
Rattle                       16A                                     
Raucous                   7B                                        
Recess                     16B                              
Recreation                11A                               
Refined                    1A                               
Reinvigorate             4A                                  
Reminiscent              10B                       
Rendition                  14A                           
Renown                    6B                                 
Repository                17A                              
Resilient                    1A                                 
Resolute                    10A, 19B                        
Restorative                16B                               
Resurgence               1A                             
Revere                      20B                       
Reversible                 10B                              
Revival                     1A, 13B                      
Riveted                     2B                              

“Spark a Revival”      1A                                       
Sacrilege                  5A                                     
Saturated                  14A                                     
Scorn                       18A                                  
Secular                     13B                                     
Sedentary                 1B                                     
Segregation               17B                                     
Serpentine                 6A                                       
Shimmer                   11B                                    
Sinuous                     20B                                    
Sober                        4A                                  
Social Stratum           7B                                      
Spindly                     6A                                 
Spontaneous             11A                                          
Sprawl                      7B                                         
Squalid                      18B                              
Squirm                      1A                                    
Stagnant                    7A                                         
Stoic                         10A                                       
Streamlined               15B                                       
Strum                       18A                                       
Stupendous               4A                                       
Subservient               20B                                   
Superimpose             10A                                     
Surmise                    10A                                 
Surpass                    8A, 15A                       
Suspension               13A                            
Swags                      2B                               
Synonymous             12A                                 

“To play an
instrumental role”    2A                          
Tense                    19B                           
Thrusting               14B                             
Tier                       8B                            
Titillate                   4B                           
Tramp                   5B                       
Tranquility             5B                              
Transcend             2A, 12B                      
Transparent           2B                        
Treacherous          4A                          
Tremor                 10B                       
Tuft                      8B                        
Tumult                 14B                           
Turbulent             19B                        

Unconscionable        18B                        
Uncontested             19A                      
Uncouple                 15A                
Unequivocal             2A                           
Unkempt                 18B                  
Unobtrusive             17B                    
Unprecedented         14B                     
Unpretentious           3A                         
Unrestrained             5B                         
Unsentimental           16A                       
Unspoiled                 16B                   
Untamed                  5B                      
Upheaval                  1A                        
Usher                      12A                      
Utilitarian                 1A                       

Vanguard                11A                 
Vat                         17A                        
Verdure                  5A                    
Virtually                  13B